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What is TFS?

TFS is the play-to-earn token used in the first blockchain casino. Fairspin has been successfully operating since 2018 and is showing constant user growth.

What's the TFS point?

Fairspin is evolving the gaming industry with TFS and taking a technology-driven approach by introducing profitable mechanics into the user experience.

Fairspin annual user growth
Fairspin User Deposits


Unique loyalty programs for the gaming community

Play To Earn

play exciting games in a fair environment guaranteed by the Trueplay blockchain platform

get a tokenized cashback for every bet

multiply your received TFS with the Hold To Earn program or keep playing your favorite games

4 hours

Reward pool 2.5% from Casino GGR.

Avr. APR

1 day

Reward pool 5.5% from Casino GGR.

Avr. APR

3 days

Reward pool 1.5% from Casino GGR.

Avr. APR


Hold To Earn

choose your holding period - 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days are available

track your holding's current results online

at the end of the holding period, receive your share of the Fairspin GGR pool

received TFS are instantly available to your next holding

With Hold To Earn:

You will never lose the TFS you put on the holding


You get a share of the Fairspin GGR


You will get even more tokens if you put more TFS on the holding


You hold in transparent conditions - all data on the number of holding members and Fairspin GGR is available to everyone

Your Next Step On GameFi Journey

Clear and easy-to-use platform interaction tools that provide complete transparency and help you track your results, Fairspin income, the number of users in Hold To Earn, your received TFS, and much more.

Pro and Lite versions are available for your best experience.

TFS Token Roadmap

Q2, 2021
Q3, 2021
Q4, 2021
Q1, 2022
Q2, 2022
Q3, 2022
Q4, 2022

Truesign module integration

TFS launch

Play To Earn launch

Hold To Earn launch

TFS Private Sale

TFS Public Sale


TFS listing on DEX

New reward programs launch

2FA Authorization

Blockchain Explore

Hold To Earn via MetaMask

Multipliers on loyalty programs

Worldwide access to the TFS Token Page

Permanent Hold To Earn

Leaderboard on Hold To Earn

Referral program

Gamification module


TFS on Trueplay Blockchain

NFT features

Follow the implementation of our plans in the official

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